Oracle CRM on Demand for various Industries

How Oracle CRM on Demand caters to a wide variety of Industry verticals. They include:

  1. Automotive
  2. Wealth Management
  3. Pharma
  4. Life Sciences
  5. High Tech

Read more here. You can download brochures and see a quick demo as well.


Organizing your customer data with a CRM

With the right CRM solution, such as Oracle CRM On Demand, you can improve key aspects of your business-


  • Manage deals more easily and close more business faster.
  • Track leads and opportunities through the entire life cycle-from qualification to close.
  • Work more efficiently, with same sales resource and staff.
  • Get to know your customers and build customer loyalty.
  • Improve sales pipeline visibility.
  • Forecast more accurately and make more informed decisions.
  • Drive sales effectiveness and productivity.


  • Increase agent productivity and reduce service costs.
  • Shorten service resolution times and increase service quality.
  • Analyze service call trends to shape current and future product or service offerings.
  • Detect and resolve bottlenecks early and quickly.


  • Create targeted and personalized campaigns to increase response rates.
  • Understand who your customers and are to tailor promotions and build loyal, long term relationships.
  • Decrease leads generation and customer acquisition costs.

Why Oracle CRM on Demand

The Oracle CRM On Demand Difference

Based on oracle award winning Siebel CRM application, only Oracle CRM On Demand delivers the industry’s most complete on demand solutions. Oracle CRM On Demand provides the depth and breadth of functionality organizations need to manage their business and User sell, service, and market more effectively. More than just a hodgepodge of disparate, multi-vendor applications linked together, Oracle CRM On Demand is a complete out of box solution that can be further tailored to meet your organization’s specific business requirements.

Oracle CRM On Demand Offers

  • Comprehensive sales, service, marketing and PRM (Partner Relationship management) functionality available out of the box. The industry’s only single vendor fully integrated hosted contact center and email marketing capabilities are also available.
  • Industry expertise and five pre-built leading industry solution
  • Top rated industry leading analytics and the only leading on demand vendor with an embedded, pre-built data warehouse for real time report and historical trending.
  • Single tenant and multi tenant option or to choice to host Oracle CRM On Demand in your own data center provide maximum flexibility in meeting business needs.

The oracle CRM On Demand infrastructure provides the security, performance, and reliability that typically only Fortune 500 companies can afford. Designed to deliver peak performance regardless of usage. Oracle CRM On Demand scales seamlessly as you grow or add additional users. And with high bandwidth access and built-in redundancy, the Oracle CRM On Demand infrastructure offers the highest level of application up time.

A customer care solution that any small business can afford

So you think putting a customer service call center is going to set you back by a few crores?  Up until now, it used to. Not any more. Belladonna IT is now delivering affordable customer care solutions at affordable prices. What is more,

  • Pay as you use subscription model
  • Best of Breed CRM, Call Center and SMS Gateways
  • No major capital investment
  • custom configured for Indian market
CRM solution integrated with call centre and SMS gateway

Customer care solution from Belladonna IT

The Components of the solution are:

  1. Oracle CRM on Demand
  2. Reliance Intellicontact Call Center Solutions
  3. Unicel SMS and Virtual Number solutions

Key features and benefits.

Feature Benefit
1 Toll Free calling for customer More customer friendly
2 Automatic Pop up of Customer Record on call Agent Productivity increase. No need to search for caller details
3 Auto assignment of Service Agent Mapped Agent/Location increases assignment of complaints instantly
4 Instantly Alert Service Agent Quicker response time
5 Service Agent can reply via SMS about status of the call Improved response time and call closure.
6 Built in Reports and Analytics Rapid decision making, quicker ROI.

So there you have it. Custom built Custom care solution for small businesses, built with best service providers. So no fears of scalability, performance, downtime. Keep serving your customers.

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