Time to reinvent CRM says ZDnet

Slightly long winded, but rich in content.  Worth a read.

What we are doing at BelladonnaIT is to address two questions mentioned in this article  on ‘Obstacles to CRM Innovation’.

  • CRM has historically been seen as a software tool, rather than a systematic approach to understanding and managing successful customer outcomes (as defined by the customer), and vendors perpetuate the myth.
  • CRM is delivered through sets of features attractive to functional silos within organizations with no guaranteed integration, inter-dependencies and change management built in

We are constantly working with our customers to overcome these challenges they face in CRM adoption.

Process enhancements designed and developed by BelladonnaIT.

Process enhancements designed and developed by BelladonnaIT.


Full article here:  Reinventing CRM? Mike Boysen says it’s time | ZDNet.




Nokia dominates the Windows phone market

Windows Phone Statistics

Read full report here:

AdDuplex Blog: Windows Phone Device Stats for February 2013.

Three extensions to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online


Over the year 2012, we have done several implementations. Each had its own challenges to map the client’s business process to CRM functionality. We were able to successfully do that on each occasion. Of those here are three of them which our customers loved.

  1. Cascading picklist – We had a situation where a client had to go seven levels into a product item. And what more, each level  had to have an option of multi-select.
  2. Assigning leads automatically on a round robin league – A large number of sales reps and hundreds of leads each day can be a daunting task and you could end up having some very angry sales reps. We did our magic again and now the leads are assigned on a round robin league.
  3. Connecting an SMS gateway – India is a SMS country. An average mobile phone user gets at least 20 messages a day from legally authorized service providers. When our customer too wanted to follow this process of connecting and updating its customers from lead registration to payment status, we connected the SMS Gateway API to MS Dynamics CRM online in a matter of two days.

So what is the big deal? Right, it is no big deal. That is how simple it is to create scripts, workflows and plugins and make business processes mapped nicely and efficiently to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online.

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