Dell deeply desires a piece of the $1 trillion IT services market

Why not!


Dell continues to raise the stakes in the increasingly vicious war for control of the $1 trillion market for IT services. The technology company this week announced an aggressive advertising and marketing campaign designed to win the hearts and minds of IT professionals around the globe, asking the question, “Are you Future Ready?”

Vague as that might seem to most people outside the server room, the question is aimed at the millions of IT professionals grappling with the rapid, transformative changes impacting their businesses. The shift to cloud computing is shaping up to be a multibillion-dollar headache for many companies. It’s bound to grow even more intense in the coming weeks as Microsoft [fortune-stock symbol=MSFT”] ends support for its Windows 2003 server, forcing millions of customers to either upgrade or face potential problems with security and software compatibility down the road.

Dell hopes to get out the message that…

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Why entrepreneurs shouldn’t be on every social network

Very sensible advice.


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By Alex Barker, Entrepreneur

Social media can be an extremely valuable tool for entrepreneurs who want to promote their business. But, when it comes to selecting and using a social media network, less is more.

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly think that promoting their brand on every social media network will skyrocket their business growth and, ultimately, make them more money. However, this is almost guaranteed to backfire — think dormant accounts, lackluster content and, at worst, disengaged customers.

Too many options, not enough time

Most Internet-savvy people can probably name at least five social networks off the top of their head — some can probably name 10. Here’s the thing: Your customers are not using all of these social networks consistently. Just like you, they’re busy. They simply don’t have the time.

Entrepreneurs need…

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10 Ways Mobility Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing


10 Ways Mobility Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing.

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