Creation of Grid on entity form in MS Dynamics CRM 2013/2015

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  • These steps help you display excel sheet like table on entity form in the form of grid like structure.

    Step 1 Create an look up field (Relation with any entity). As shown in fig 1

Fig 1.

Step 2 Make look up field as mandatory after placing field on from. As shown in fig 2 an 2.1.

Fig 2.

Step 3 continued……

Fig 2.1.

Step 4: Add sub-grid into newly created tab or any where on the entity form based on your requirement and set properties like shown in fig 3.

  • In Data source Section

    Records= Related Records only

    Entity= Combination of schema name and look up field name select that.

    Default view= select and edit according.

Fig 3.

Step 5. Edit or Add new columns (as shown in below fig) according to requriment in grid view which is located in Data source section in grid properties dialog box

  • In…

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